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Hey folks!

It is a pity that I have to admit it but... well this month ruined me. University started again (need to buy books and other stuff) and there were (and still are) extremely expensive bills to cover. April just started and I have no idea how I should be able to go through the month. Every month is tough (you would be amazed how little money I actually have to spare each month) but this one is a beast.
I am currently fighting a bill which is chewing my leg off. So... this is not just a sale journal, but also an offer. More about that beneath the list of sale items!
No trades obviously! :( Sorry!
No reservations longer than 24h!

T A X I D E R M Y   I T E M S

:bulletgreen: Female Red Fox Pelt - 49€ shipping worldwide included!
:bulletgreen: Juvenile Chamois Skull - SOLD
:bulletgreen: Wild Female Mink Pelt - 18€
:bulletgreen: Guine Pig Pelt - 8€
:bulletgreen: Juvenile Waterbuck Skull - SOLD
:bulletgreen: Pathological Fallow Deer Skull - SOLD
:bulletgreen: Juvenile Red-Necked Wallaby Skull - SOLD
:bulletgreen: Stoat Pelt (mountable) - 20€
:bulletgreen: Stoat Skull - SOLD
:bulletgreen: Three Damaged Luna Moths - 8€
:bulletgreen: Adolescent Mouflon Skull - make an offer
:bulletgreen: Turkey Leg Feathers - 8€ (you will not get the complete leg! Only the skin with the feathers!)

I am willed to haggle, though I won't answer ridicilous offers ;)
So. I said I will offer something. Though commissions are officially closed at the moment I will open them for you.
Here we go:

:bulletred: Fullcolor, A4, Watercolor/Gouache (like 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 <- click me!) - 25€
:bulletred: Papercut, A4, Edding (like 1 or 2 <- click me!) - 15€ or 20€ depends on what you want
:bulletred: Portraits, A5, Pencil/Coffee/White Airbrush (like 1 or 2 or 3 <- click me!) - 10 or 15€

You can visit my gallery and I can nearly do anything you want. If something catches your eyes I can do something in that style for you.



Beneath you can find Christina's items for sale aswell :)

:bulletgreen: Blue Wildebeest Pelt - 250€ shipping included
:bulletgreen: Antique Red Capped Cardinal -20€
:bulletgreen: Wet Specimen Mice - 10€
:bulletgreen: Juvenile Crowned Crane Skull - 25€
:bulletgreen: Amazon Parrot Skull - 20€
:bulletgreen: Red-Billed Leiothrix Mount - 70€
:bulletgreen: Zebra Pelt Pieces #1
:bulletgreen: Zebra Pelt Pieces #2
:bulletgreen: Zebra Pelt Pieces #3 - all for 25€
:bulletgreen: Japanese Waxwing Mount - 55€
:bulletgreen: Unknown Hummingsbird Studyskin - 55€
:bulletgreen: Jungle Cock Skin - 15€
:bulletgreen: Reindeer Leg - 25€
:bulletgreen: Chipmunk Skeleton - 32€
:bulletgreen: White-throated Needletail Swift Skin - 20€
:bulletgreen: Black-Faced Bunting Studyskin - 25€
:bulletgreen: Juvenile Fox Pelt - 20€
:bulletgreen: Black Empeor Scorpion - 15€
:bulletgreen: Scaly Headed Parrot Wings - 20€
:bulletgreen: Small German Goat Skull - 45€
:bulletgreen: Northern Shoveler Skull - 20€
:bulletgreen: Wet Specimen Uromastyx - 40€
:bulletgreen: Scarlet Chested Parrot Skin - 30€
:bulletgreen: North American Beaver Skull - 25€
:bulletgreen: Mounted Starling - 35€
:bulletgreen: Eastern Grey Plantain Eater Skeleton - 100€

I'll make a lot of stuff ready for sale this weekend, including wet specimen, a sparrowhawk skull + feet, crow feet, some seabird skulls, an articulated sparrowhawk skeleton, mummified mouse and lots more! If you're interested, feel free to throw an offer!

More might be added later! <3



Artist | Hobbyist | Other
We are DundalkChild and Lychnobia who are going to use this account for our taxidermy weakness. We don't want to upload taxidermy stuff with our own accounts, since it might bother our watchers. So anyone who is interested in these kind of things can watch us here. We might also have some stuff like fur or bones for sale, so watch out :)

We're curious. How old are you? And please comment: When did you start collecting/being interested in dead stuff? 

54 deviants said 16-19
49 deviants said 20-23
27 deviants said 24-27
18 deviants said 12-15
9 deviants said under 12
9 deviants said 28-31
3 deviants said 32-35
No deviants said over 35 :la:


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CalebWriter 2 days ago  New member Professional Writer
Have you ever considered trying to organize your collecting of things with hunters?

We come up with all sorts of strange things, and stuff you can't just get your hands on.

When was the last time someone offered you a bears paw? Honestly, as a hunter, it would be nice to see things I can't find a use for (inedible parts of a creature, and so forth) to go to use.

You can even turn organs into oddities. Did you know you can turn the stomach of a deer into a water bag?

I'm sure other hunters would be fine sharing these things with you, and I'd be all about helping you get creative! Even organs are useful! :D
CabinetCuriosities 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
We have some hunters as sources, but well, we're in Europe, so the animals which are hunted are not as special as in the US. ;)

It would be really expensive with a lot of paperwork to get things from the professional hunters overseas. Here in Germany it's mostly just a hobby.
MURDERER !!!!… Don't you have a heart ??
CalebWriter 2 days ago  New member Professional Writer
It's a little extreme to shout "murderer" at someone.

I've personally hunted deer, swan, a number of other waterfowl, and so forth. Every hunt requires hours of preparation, proper rights (I had to get a government ticket to go after swan), and countless numbers of hours playing a game against the prey.

Don't assume that anyone with a pelt or some skulls is a murderer. I respect this person, considering that he takes things that would have otherwise just rotted away and turns them into something quite interesting. As a hunter, I procure lots of strange things, specifically bones, skulls, and so forth. Any meat we cant eat generally gets fed to our pets, all the pelt gets tanned and dried, and we eat everything we possibly can. Nothing goes to waste.

You should really educate yourself. There is a huge difference between people like us (hunters, collectors, and so forth) and poachers who breed animals to kill them.
CabinetCuriosities 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
We don't support animals bred and killed for fur. We have other sources, where animals died a more or less natural death (e.g. died of illness, roadkill, hunted for population control). Animals don't have to die for us.
Monopolymurder 5 days ago  Student Photographer
Do you have any pictures of the seal yet? I'd love to see some of your photos of it :la:
CabinetCuriosities 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
We're not sure if we will upload it in public, because marine mammals are always a bit risky :(
Monopolymurder 2 days ago  Student Photographer
From what Im aware marine mammals are completely legal to own the part of in the EU.  But yeah I can understand. You got any stash photos of it though?
CabinetCuriosities 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Not yet, but it didn't change anyway, since it was already in good condition as I got it :)
(1 Reply)
Monopolymurder Apr 3, 2014  Student Photographer
Hello. Im just calling in to tell you your package has been shipped off today! I hope it gets to you okay :)
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